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Advance Your Culture Through Action

Advancing Organizational Culture: Unlocking Your Full Potential


In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, organizations understand the importance of measuring and building a strong culture. In other words, we need to obtain in-depth, quantifiable information on how our culture is performing, and then we need the ability to build our optimal team and attract the best people. However, it is not enough to stop at measurement and building alone. Active advancement is necessary to unlock a company's culture's full potential. Advancing culture is more streamlined than ever with the advancements of AI. At Instill, our Culture Operating System™ allows organizations to inact highly personalized nudges to make targeted forward progress toward their ideal culture. In this article, we will explore how organizations can set themselves at the head of the pack by actively advancing their culture to where it needs to be, the key components to consider, and the best practices for leaders to foster a strong and thriving culture.

Differentiating Advance from Measure and Build:

When we work with a company, we differentiate three main phases in culture development—Measure, Build, and Advance. Measuring culture provides valuable insights into an organization's current state, and building culture helps identify and form optimal teams. Advancing culture takes it a step further. Advancement involves turning theory into action, shaping and improving the culture to align with the desired vision. Instill’s process goes beyond mere observation and makes tangible progress by leveraging AI to offer highly personalized nudges to improve culture at the individual, manager, and executive levels.

Key Components to Consider in the Advancement Phase:

  1. Codifying and Shaping Current and Ideal Culture: Organizations must understand their existing culture and clearly define their desired one. What values, personas, and teams will help build the culture a company needs? How can companies know they are hiring the right people for their vision? Instill helps in this process by codifying vision, mission, and values, ensuring the culture is purposeful and ingrained in every aspect of the organization.
  2. Hiring for Cultural Impact: Advancement requires hiring individuals who possess the required skills, align with the company's values, and even further, have a positive cultural impact. Instill provides robust hiring assessments to identify candidates who can thrive in the organization's environment and contribute to its culture.
  3. Nudges and Protocols: AI-powered tools, including Instill's Large Language Model (LLM), offer personalized suggestions to improve specific teams and cultures. These nudges provide targeted actions and protocols that help individuals, managers, and executives make continuous progress towards the ideal culture. Unlike other LLMs, Instill’s system is trained only on scientifically validated information on teams/culture to give you the most applicable feedback possible. 
  4. Continuous Assessment: We allow companies to activate continuous assessment, which utilizes natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand team dynamics and performance better than traditional assessments. This helps identify any anomalies and take proactive measures to address them, ensuring a high-performing culture.

The Role of AI in Streamlining the Advancement Process:

Instill AI technologies integrate into your everyday workflows in a way that is not burdensome or distracting. As our models learn more about a company's culture over time. it  provides highly personalized suggestions to activate your ideal culture without the guesswork and speculation.  Additionally, our chat-based Instill Culture Specialist, allows users to seek specific advice tailored to their own needs, enhancing the effectiveness of the advancement efforts.

The Pitfall of Stopping Short:

Neglecting the advancement phase can limit a company's ability to leverage its culture fully—mere discussions about culture without taking action often has a reverse effect on culture building.  Organizations must take action and actively advance their culture to create a high-performing team and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Best Practices for Leaders:

  • Daily Incremental Improvements: Encourage leaders to make small daily improvements that contribute to the overall culture. It is the cumulative effect of these actions that create a world-class culture.
  • Align with Employee Values: Make what is important to the employees important to the leaders. Listen, understand, and address their needs to foster a culture of inclusivity and shared purpose.
  • Embody Organizational Values: Leaders should consistently embody the company's values and use them as a guiding framework for decision-making. This demonstrates authenticity and reinforces the desired culture.
  • Leverage Technology: Leaders should embrace modern technology, such as AI-powered tools, to streamline taking action to improve the culture. This reduces the time required for implementation and allows for more efficient advancement efforts.

We built Instill to help companies worldwide measure, build, and advance their culture more effectively. Your culture is either your greatest asset or your greatest weakness. We want to help you unleash that potential to make your company more productive and attractive. 

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