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How to Get Your Team to Own Up: Sailing Past Accountability Avoidance.

Imagine this: you're leading a team with some real talent, but you can't shake off the feeling that some folks are doing the tango with accountability, except they're clearly not dancing! Deadlines are like an endangered species, mistakes are brushed under the rug, and the workplace feels like a ghost town of responsibility. As a leader, dealing with teammates who dodge ownership can be as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack. But fear not because there are some clear things you can do. Let's dive into those sticky situations, uncover some nifty strategies to turn avoidance into accountability, and put the "team" back in teamwork.

Here are some classic examples of what you might face:

  • The "Eternal Slacker"

This teammate could win a gold medal in the art of missing deadlines. Like, "Oops, did I forget? Sorry, not sorry!"

  • The "Blame Game Expert" 

This one's got a poker face whenever things hit the fan, except they're quick to play the blame game. Nothing's ever their fault.

  • The "Indecisive Wonder" 

Making decisions is like climbing Mount Everest for this teammate. You know, always waiting for someone else to take the lead.

  • The "Feedback Avoider"

Constructive criticism is their Kryptonite. They deflect or pretend they're wearing noise-canceling headphones during feedback sessions.

Now, let's empower you to tackle these challenges and build a culture of accountability that rocks:

“O captain, my captain!” Show 'em how it's done by owning up to your own mishaps. Whether your ship rises or falls, you set the tone. Remember, actions speak louder than words! 

Words still matter. Communication is key, so let the floodgates of open dialogue swing wide open. Create a safe space where everyone can voice concerns and share ideas.  Key to this safe space is your team seeing you take accountability for team performance to your boss.  Remember, if the team didn’t perform, personally own it and do not throw any of your team under the ship.  If the team performs well, give them all the praise and by name..  This is one of the quickest ways to build respect from your team and model an environment where accountability is central. 

Create a Feedback Culture: Every time you’re done presenting or pitching ask, “What did I miss? What would you do differently?” Be comfortable with silence and don’t continue until two people share their thoughts. Have your team members model this as well. Before long, you’ve created a culture where feedback is the norm.

Empower Your Team: Give your team a turn at the wheel. Let your people make decisions and take ownership of their projects, then stand in their corner as they venture out.  When a member of your teams asks for direction ask, “How would you approach that?”  As long as they’re on the right track, tell them let’s do that!  Or, if they’re not, first tell them them their thoughts are valid and then ask a question that starts with, “what would happen if…” to guide them to the risks you see about their recommendation.  

Now, let's unleash the magic of Instill's Culture Operating System™:

  • Performance Analytics: With AI-powered tools, you can measure team performance, spot areas for growth, and give everyone a virtual high-five when they ace it!
  • Psychometric Assessments: Allow you to hire candidates that have high ownership because they fit seamlessly into your workplace culture.
  • Instill Sense™:  We use natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to give personalized tips on how you can be a better leader, team member and contribute to meetings and the culture more.

Here are the big ideas for leaders like you:

  1. Gather the Troops: Rally your team to create accountability charters together. Giving people the chance to set their own parameters for accountability is a great way to boost responsibility.
  2. Consequence Clarity: Let everyone know the deal—avoiding accountability has its consequences—time to break those chains.
  3. Hoist the Sails, All Aboard: Encourage cross-team partnerships and camaraderie. When we stick together, the magic happens.
  4. Celebration Station: Celebrate the stars who embrace accountability and watch others follow suit.
  5. Mentorship and Coaching: Offer guidance and coaching to those who need a little nudge toward the responsible path.

Remember, Captain; it's not just your ship—it's a crew of brilliant minds sailing towards success. When you steer your team toward accountability, you'll unlock a world of collaboration, growth, and team spirit like never before. So, get ready to say "adios" to avoidance and "hello" to a powerhouse of responsibility! Let's set sail together and rock that accountable culture!


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