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The Instill Culture Compass: Navigate Leadership with 10 Pivotal Questions

What sort of Culture Champion are you? Let’s explore:

  1. The Visionary Cartographer
  • Question: How do I regularly present our vision in a way that’s as engaging and actionable as a roadmap with clear, achievable landmarks?
  1. The Empathy Conductor
  • Question: How can I ensure every interaction or meeting leaves my team members feeling heard and valued?
  1. The Transparent Oracle
  • Question: How can I encourage open and honest communication into every team update or feedback session?
  1. The Trust Architect
  • Question: How do I demonstrate radical reliability, ensuring that every commitment, no matter how small, is a step towards building deeper trust?
  1. The Inclusion Weaver
  • Question: What strategies can I employ to deliberately create diverse project teams, enriching our work with a wide range of perspectives?
  1. The Feedback Sculptor
  • Question: How can I transform our feedback process into a tool for growth, collaboration, and innovation? 
  1. The Innovation Gardener
  • Question: What can I do to foster a culture where wild ideas are celebrated, failure is embraced, and innovation is given space to flourish? 
  1. The Resilience Builder
  • Question: In what ways can I share my own stories of failure and recovery to inspire resilience and encourage openness within the team?
  1. The Joy Curator
  • Question: How can I surprise and delight my team with unexpected "Joy Drops," creating moments of connection and camaraderie?
  1. The Purpose Evangelist
  • Question: How do I ensure that every project starts with a clear understanding of its purpose and its alignment with our overarching mission?


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