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Unveil the secrets of codifying culture in remote-first environments with Darcy Mayfield on the latest episode of Instill Culture Lab podcast.

In this podcast conversation, Dan and Darcy Mayfield explore various aspects of remote-first work and culture design. Darcy, a thought leader in the field, has experience in building and maintaining remote work cultures. The discussion covers three key case studies:

  1. Maintaining Culture During Mergers and Acquisitions: Darcy advises that during acquisitions, it's crucial to be realistic about potential cultural challenges. She emphasizes transparent communication and a listening strategy to address concerns and experiences of the existing team. She highlights the importance of values alignment and suggests mapping the current culture to the future one for a smooth transition.
  2. Codifying Culture in Remote-First Environments: Darcy believes that codifying culture is easier in remote-first settings. She recommends writing down values, behaviors, and communication strategies to define the environment. This clarity is essential in remote work where there are no physical cues, and every element needs to be explicitly communicated.
  3. Advocating for Remote-First Work: Darcy provides data-driven arguments for remote-first work. She points to reports indicating the high turnover due to lack of flexibility and quantifiable savings for companies embracing remote work. She encourages leaders to determine the "why" behind returning to the office and repurposing office spaces to align with evolving needs.

Throughout the conversation, the focus is on intentionality and research-backed decision-making when it comes to remote-first work and culture design. The discussion aims to equip leaders with practical insights to build and sustain effective remote cultures.

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