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What is a Culture Operating System™?

So, what is this Culture Operating System™ you speak of?  

Valid question.  Similar to dropping the name Google back in 1999, it needs some explanation.  So, we'll do just that in under a five minute read.

Ready. Set. Go.

Instill has built a Culture Operating System™,  the first product of its kind, to codify, measure, optimize and predict company culture and team performance.  Our mission is to turn your culture into a competitive advantage. How? We enable you to build a culture proven for better inclusion, innovation, productivity, retention and results.

We have a track record of transforming the performance and agility of some of the most admired organizations in the world.

Top organizations know culture is important. 73% of companies have added people tools in the last two years, yet still lack validated systems to:

  • Programmatically shape their ideal culture
  • Intentionally keep their culture living
  • Quantitatively measure culture KPIs
  • Automate and suggest real-time interventions to improve culture
  • an equitable way with their global workforce

Remove the guesswork and speculation. With Instill, culture is no longer 'soft' or 'hard to understand.' Our Culture Operating System™ is crafted with the world's foremost experts in:

  • Neuroscience
  • Organizational psychology
  • Psychometrics
  • Predictive analytics

Our closest competitor?  Tier 1 consulting firms that charge SEVEN FIGURES for a culture engagement.  Yet they leverage science and data from the same backgrounds as we list above. With Instill, you don't need to pay beaucoup bucks for a one-time project. Instill is democratizing world class cultures that accelerate company performance and transform the most cutting-edge culture protocols from analog to digital.

Our workflows allow you to:

  • Create a digitized system of record for organizational values and codify your culture
  • Automate culture onboarding
  • Understand the culture you have, the culture you want, and the culture that's right for you - all through scientifically-backed methods
  • Automate and receive real-time nudges and interventions to improve your culture
  • Measure and predict your company's vital signs such as psychological safety, trust, resilience, burnout, etc.

So, a Culture Operating System™ is mission critical software for every company.

  • 90% of  CEOs and CFOs believe that improving company culture increases their company’s value
  • Only 16% of CEOs and CFOs believe their culture is where it should be today 
  • Companies listed among best places to work on their culture deliver 20% higher returns to shareholders over a 5-year period

Does this leave you curious?  Good!  Book some time with us HERE and let us show you how we can enable you to create a powerful workplace culture in 30 minutes.

Published by: Dan Kasper. Head of Partnerships @ Instill.

My passion is building high-performing teams and I've been fortunate to do so within Navy Special Operations and Airbnb in 33 countries around the world.  I'm incredibly thrilled to be pioneering a new frontier with Instill and I'm looking to connect with people leaders and culture champions to learn specific wins you've had in building top teams. If this feels like you, or someone you know, let's jam!

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